About Us

FindMyLeads offers a variety of Fresh, High Quality leads for Attorney Legal Services, Tax/IRS, Debt Management, Credit Repair, Life Insurance, Health Insurance, PrePaid Legal, Real Estate Agent, Travel, Business Opportunity, Merchant Account, Loan Modification, and Personal Loans.

Leads can be purchased on an exclusive or non-exclusive basis. Our leads are generated directly from the Internet and other sources and are reasonably priced with minimum order requirements.

We strive to get consumers to submit as much information as possible based upon the lead category. Moreover, we employ our advanced data gathering, sorting, and routing system to deliver qualified sales leads in batch formats via email, daily!

Our leads usually carry a close ratio between 7-30%. These ratios are key in measuring our advertising campaigns. Through constant feedback from our clients, our team of marketing professionals analyze each campaign to determine and maximize its effectiveness and efficiency.

FindMyLeads has been leveraging technology and it’s infrastructure to aid our clients in targeting qualified customers with measurable business objectives. FindMyLeads lead generation program uses various marketing methodologies for generating qualified sales leads for our clients. We pride ourselves on superior customer service, by providing the highest quality possible in today's marketplace.

All leads are quality guaranteed! If it’s determined that some of your leads are proven invalid due to bad contact data or false information, we will replace a pro-rata amount of that lead free of charge. It’s not always the quantity, it’s the result oriented quality leads which FindMyLeads provides to fuel your business! (See Browse the FAQ Customer Help Desk for details.)

Quality leads is just an email and/or a phone call away! There are many businesses offering leads in vast quantities with a huge error margin that can be costly! FindMyLeads’s superior reputation of supplying businesses around the country with quality leads will compliment your business leads.