Wow! I am impressed. I have dealt with other lead suppliers in the past who have been most reluctant to credit bad leads or were slow.


"I love your leads! They are so awesome... you guys provide such an awesome service. I'm soooo happy!"

Priska King
Burnaby, British Columbia

I did so well with my leads, now 6 of us in the office get them every day.

Robinson's Legal Services

15% of my monthly business is from a $95 a month investment

Tri-State Group

I would recommend your leads to anyone! I like your replacement policy. It is really rare! I also think the quality of your leads stands high above the rest! I also like the way you are available to talk to live.

Ethel Wright
Tellico Plains, TN

We are very pleased with the leads we have received through Quality Leads Group. We have used many other lead sources and experienced problems such as; disconnected telephone numbers, invalid e-mail addresses and bad customer service. We are extremely satisfied with the screening process the prospects go through and for this reason it has increased our closing ratio considerably.

-Rhonda & Wendell Wesley
Phoenix, AZ

I have to tell you, I LOVE your leads! If you ever need a testimony I would be happy to give you one. Your lead program has kept me out of the poor house. I have been averaging 1-2 sales per day for the past 10 days! I diligently watch them and buy as they come in and I have had enormous success. Thank you so much for offering this type of program for us little people that cannot afford to pay $200-$260 for one share of leads. I am second in the players club for all of Michigan because of your leads!

-Marcia McCormick Mancelona, MI

Just a note to say how pleased I am with your lead program. This month alone, I closed 22 out of 54 presentations that I made. This gave me a 40.74% closing rate. Whenever I got a bad number or disconnected number you guys replaced it without discussion, which I thought was great since other lead sources usually say "tough luck" when you want one replaced. I had generally excellent responses to my calls. Keep up the good work. I appreciate the fact that the leads come very fresh. That makes my closing easier.

-Wayne Reid
Phoenix, AZ