How are leads delivered?

After creating an account and searching our database by Type, Category and Age of Lead, you can purchase your selected leads online and receive them via email daily or in real time. Once your transaction is complete and your online account has been charged, you may download the leads in a CSV (Comma Separated Value) format which can easily be opened by any Database or Microsoft Excel to view and print the lead. We can also develop a custom API to deliver the lead to your legacy CRM system.

What is your return policy?

Although we try our best to pre-qualify leads, occasionally a bad lead will be sold. A bad lead contains an invalid phone number, an erroneous email address or may be a duplicate lead. Bad leads must be returned with an explanation and within 5 days of FindMyLeads acquiring it. In other words, if the lead was purchased real time today, then you have 5 calendar days in which to return it. On the other hand, if you purchased a lead that was seven (7) days old, then that lead is not returnable. The easiest way to determine whether or not you can return the lead for reimbursement is to ensure that the lead was placed into the FindMyLeads database within the past five (5) days. To request credit for a bad lead simply log into your account and notify us of the Lead ID Number using our handy "Request Credit for a Bad Lead" form. After your request is reviewed by our Lead Inspection team and the reason for the dispute is verified, we will credit you the amount for that lead. (See Browse the FAQ Customer Help Desk for details.)

How does FindMyLeads obtain leads?

Since 1998 we have launched hundreds of different web sites that are positioned quite high on the major search engines. The targets are toward a variety of industries with the objective of collecting each users information as it is FREELY offered. These sites along with our affiliate network and conventional advertising programs are the keys to generating the quantity and quality of our leads. We have built an impressive affiliate network to upwards of 10,000 affiliates, have established long term banner advertising relationships, and a number of opt-in email partners. All of our advertising is done on the Internet. All of our Leads are OPT-IN. None of our web sites or programs offer incentives for consumers to complete the forms.

What kind of closing results should I expect?

Our clients report back that 17-40% of the leads we provide result in sales in the short term. That's not even considering the possibility of other closings at a future date, and the ability to gain referrals from these leads.

What type of payment do you accept?

Credit Cards at FindMyLeadsWe offer two different payment options. The first is Check and/or Wire transfer in order to prepay your account for leads and the second is via credit card.

  • Visa
  • Master Card
  • American Express
  • Discover Card
cards accepted
I only work in certain areas, can I choose States or Telephone Area Codes?

Yes, you can select leads based upon a state(s) and also sort them by Area Code.

How many times are the leads sold?

An exclusive lead is sold only once. After 30 days that lead is then offered online as a non-exclusive lead that is now 30 days old. A non-exclusive lead can be distributed two times. After it is sold to the second buyer it too is retired from the system for 30 days. Thus leads that are less than 30 days old are in very high demand. As leads come back into the system they are discounted based on the age of the lead.

Can I get "Exclusive Leads"?

Yes. They are first come first served, select them from the "Exclusive Leads" database. This is also the case with our non-exclusive leads. They are all first come first served.

Can I limit the number of leads I get per day?

Yes, you can specify a daily maximum threshold and pause your leads at any time.

How do I get started and how long does it take to get leads?

Simply set up an account online. As you do you will be guided through an online wizard that will help you determine the type and price of each lead you're interested in acquiring. Once you've completed the set-up you'll be asked to make a deposit. The minimum opening deposit is $100.00 in addition to a $25.00 membership fee for a total deposit of $125.00 of which $100.00 is fully refundable and, once established, you can set limits as you deem appropriate.