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It is our desire to help you build your business. The only way we can do this is by offering a price structure that is affordable and a Quality Guarantee. It is our pledge and commitment to you to deliver the highest quality leads in the industries we serve. Our lead collection processes are closely monitored to ensure that the end user knows exactly what they are signing up to receive.

Our Promise

Our web sites, Bulk Email campaigns and lead gathering systems are designed to bring you accurate information. As is the case with many online businesses, sometimes a lead gets past our inspection protocols that contains a bad phone number or a bad email address. Not to worry. Not to worry. Simply log on to your account and notify us of the Lead ID Number using our handy "Request Credit for a Bad Lead" form within 5 days of your purchase. After your request is reviewed by our Lead Inspection team and the reason for the dispute is verified, we will credit you pro-rata for another lead. (See Browse the FAQ Customer Help Desk for details.)

This is our guarantee. Clean, accurate leads that you can call, email or write. The rest is up to you. Happy Closing!

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We use a dynamic solution for determining the price of each lead. It is based on the assumed value of the lead divided into three unique criteria: Category of Lead, Age of Lead and whether the lead is purchased Exclusively or Non-Exclusively. You have complete control over the price you pay for a lead. Each of these factors effect your final price by a percentage of the base lead cost. The older a lead is, the less it will cost.

Under this pricing model those who want up to the minute leads, and are willing to pay a little extra, can have the hottest leads on the market. At the same time, those that watch the site and search the system can find many leads that have yet to be sold that may be a few days old. They are still hot leads… just overlooked by someone else.

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To determine the cost of a particular lead, please sign up for an account and create lead criteria.